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How to Troubleshoot Deadbolt Locks

How to Troubleshoot Deadbolt Locks
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It is a fact that deadbolt installation increases the level of security of the premises. These locking devices are more difficult to open without a key compared to their traditional latch counterparts. They are much more resistant to forceful impact as well as to picking techniques. However, this does not mean that they are completely safe from trouble and malfunctioning. Find out how to eliminate problems that occur fairly often.

Dealing with Common Issues

Inspect the key if it cannot go into the keyway or makes strange sounds during locking and unlocking - If the cuts How to Troubleshoot Deadbolt Lockshave got worn-out or chipped, key replacement is required. Similarly, if the blade is even slightly bent, you have to change the key straight away. Otherwise, it may break while inside the lock and this can lead to a much more serious problem.

Clean and lubricate the lock if the key is hard to turn - Use compressed air to remove any dust, dirt and possibly pollen stuck inside the keyway and around the sides of the door lock cylinder. Then use graphite powder lubricant to restore the smooth movement of the internal mechanism. Insert the nozzle into the keyhole and squeeze the tube until lubricant starts coming out. Spread some of it around the front side of the cylinder around the keyhole. Apply a thin layer of the lubricant to the key, insert it and turn it several times to complete the job.

Check the strike plate if the extension of the bolt during locking is obstructed - Look into the hole where the bolt goes and evaluate its condition. If there is dirt inside, remove it carefully using damp lint-free cloth. If you have to use a sharp tool for dirt removal, you should wrap it with cloth to prevent damage to the strike plate and jamb. If the hole is small or there is physical damage to the strike plate, immediate repair is required so that the security of the premises is as high as it is supposed to be.

Evaluate how well the door lockset and the strike plate are aligned in case the bolt hits the plate in the area surrounding the hole - If the strike plate has been improperly installed, it has to be readjusted. If the door has changed its position due to issue with the hinges or something else, the problem must be resolved without delay.

Apply alcohol to the deadbolt if it is completely stuck and the weather is cold and wet - Rub the alcohol over the face of the cylinder and around the entire key blade. Add a little bit into the keyhole as well. Then insert the key and turn it. Lubricate both the lock and the key to prevent freezing.

In case these solutions do not work, count on us for timely deadbolt lock repair service.

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