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Various Office Locks to Care for

Various Office Locks to Care for
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Each and every company office contains important documents and valuable equipment which have to be kept secure along with the people who work inside. The main devices which prevent potential intruders from reaching the assets of the business are the door locksets. Make sure that you identify all such devices on your business premises and provide the control and maintenance which they require. Here is some advice to help you with this.

Achieving Optimal Security and Convenience

Various Office Locks to Care forYou need to have a clear idea of the door lock systems your office has. Most modern commercial buildings have master key systems. They can have different sizes and levels of complexity. It is important for the company management to assign people to care for each and every lockset within the system. Most often, the maintenance is assigned to a particular department and the person responsible for it is given a master key which can be used for opening all doors within this particular section of the system.

It is important to place major focus on commercial door locks and door closers as well. The closers are important for security because they determine how quickly and how well doors are closed after use. The maintenance they require involves inspection for rust, other types of damage and especially for oil leakage. They have to be properly lubricated as well. The professionals of our locksmith company in Barkingside explain that closing time and effectiveness are determined through testing. If necessary, speed adjustment and repair have to be provided timely.

All file cabinet locks require proper care as well. They tend to be used more extensively compared to their door counterparts. That is why they require more frequent cleaning and lubrication. They usually have smaller and thinner keys. Given this, keys must be used with greater care. It is crucial that they are turned slowly while a minimal amount of force is applied in forward direction rather than to the side.

Many companies opt for safe installation. These devices require basic cleaning with a piece of dry lint-free cloth and nothing more. Still, it is important to provide thorough inspection and testing to the keypad or dial, to the handle and to the door. Both the handle and the door should play slightly when pushed with care while they are in closed position. Issues like stuck keys, handle or door have to be resolved timely.

Last, but not least, you should have a plan for lock upgrade in place. In order for the security of the business premises to be kept optimal at all times, upgrading should be done approximately every five years. If there are major threats to it or the advancement in technology is faster than anticipated, changes can be made more frequently.

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